The Range Rover Sport SVR is one of the most robust and classy SUVs presently on the market. It has all the tech, luxury, style, and performance you could ever need in an SUV, but Afzal Kahn and his team at Project Kahn have delivered it even more.


The new Project Kahn Range Rover Sport SVR Pace Car First Edition is the latest piece of automotive muscle and design created from the mind of Afzal Kahn himself. The exterior of the SUV reflects the supercharged V-8’s power hiding beneath while comforting occupants with a wealth of customized, hand-upholstered luxury inside.

Compared to the factory model, the Project Kahn Range Rover Sport SVR Pace Car First Edition is bolder and more dramatic. A new bunch of widened front and rear fenders with integrated air dams create some visual brawn. The front fascia commands the road thanks to a new vented grille with air dams, lower bumper center section, and a new bumper spoiler.

At the rear, there’s a new tailgate and number plate panel, a new rear valence with integrated exhaust outlets, and a three-piece aero wing. Completing the package is a new set of 23-inch Type 52 lightweight forged directional wheels with corresponding performance tires for all the grip you could need.

Get into the Project Kahn Range Rover Sport SVR Pace Car First Edition and you’ll be getting a warm welcome by a hand-upholstered interior. Here, the SVR sport seats have been given a special two-tone quilted and perforated leather that’s matched by the glovebox in a Hexagon quilted pattern. The armrests, door panels, and even the steering wheel center hub has also been adorned in matching the leather. Below, there’s a new set of vented foot pedals in machined aluminum while Kahn branding is clearly shown across the cabin.

The new Project Kahn Range Rover Sport SVR Pace Car First Edition currently costs £129,999. Customers can also choose to modify their own Range Rover Sport SVR based on their specifications.




-23″ High-Performance Tires

-Front and Rear Wide Wheel Arches with Integrated Air Dams

-Front Vented Grille with Air Dams

-Front Bumper Spoiler

-Front Lower Bumper Centre Section

-Upgraded Rear Tailgate and Number Plate Panel

-Upper Rear Large 3 Piece Roof Wing Including Rear Pillar Sections

-Rear Bumper Valance with Integrated Exhausts

-Paint Detailing

-Black Pack

-KAHN Branding

-23″ Type 52 Lightweight Forged Directional Wheels



-Front and Rear Seats Re-Upholstered in Hexagon Quilted and Perforated Leather

-Centre Glovebox Re-Upholstered in Hexagon Quilted and Perforated Leather

-Armrests Re-Upholstered in Hexagon Quilted and Perforated Leather

-Steering Wheel Centre Hub Re-Upholstered in Leather

-4 Door Panels Re-Upholstered in Leather in Hexagon Quilted and Perforated Leather

-Vented Foot Pedals in Machined Aluminum

-KAHN Branding

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