Novitec has a unique approach to tuning cars. The German company with a history of working on Ferraris starts by adding a ton of power before moving on to aerodynamics, replacing body parts without going over the top. To a casual observer, a Ferrari F8 Tributo decked out with the full "refinement" range could be taken as stock. However, a lot is going on with the new list of goodies of Novitec for one of Ferrari’s finest, including upgraded suspension, more power, and an increase of downforce.



Ferrari’s owners rarely need more power, but Ferrari is not about the need. As a result, Novitec ramps up the biggest power upgrade the F8 Tributo's twin-turbo V8 from just over 700 hp to a little over 800 horsepower. With the help of a lightweight exhaust system that's plated with gold to help with heat dissipation, it also increases torque to a peak of 664 lb-ft. Ferrari neighbors will be pleased to know that the exhaust system also comes with an electronic sound management system.



For handling and grip, the addition of sports springs lowered the ride height by around 35 millimeters, and a host of naked carbon fiber aero parts are now available with a protected high gloss finish. Two-piece front spoiler and flaps on the side air intakes fitted to the bumper included for improvements, and at the back is a large rear wing creating more downforce at high speeds. 



We're fans of Novitec Ferrari F8 Tributo looks, but the engine upgrade is the most impressive part. According to the German tuning company, the engine upgrades will help the supercar hit 62 mph in 2.6 seconds and increase its top speed to 211 mph. Between the extra performance and new look, the F8 deserves an entry on our list on Novitec’s greatest list.