Novitec, the well-known German tuning company, has an unmatched way of tuning cars. The tuner is specialized in performing modifications for Italian marques such as Ferrari, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo.

Novitec increases the power of F8 Tributo's twin-turbo V8 from 700 hp to 800 horsepower. The lightweight exhaust system is plated with gold that helps in dissipating heat and also enhances torque to 664 lb-ft. The exhaust system also has an electronic sound management system.

The extra sports springs decrease the ride height by around 35 millimeters. And a slew of naked carbon fiber aero components is now available with a protected high gloss finish. Improvements in Ferrari F8 Tributo include a two-piece front spoiler and flaps on the side air intakes integrated to the bumper, and a large rear wing at the backside making more downforce at high speeds.

As per the German tuning company, the enhancement of the engine will facilitate the supercar to attain 62 mph in 2.6 seconds and enhance its max speed to 211 mph.