For a little over a year now, the Ferrari 812superfast has been in the market. The Novitec 812 superfast has officially arrived, and Novitec has recently managed to get their hands on one. Here what we actually have the first stage of Novitec’s performance packages, followed by an insane N-largo version with wide body elements and all sorts of additional aero there is a relatively subdued version of their V12 supercars. Talking about the Novitec’s kit it is very simply constructed to a very high quality. For the central air intake, Novitec offers a new front spoiler lip. To the rear fascia new spoiler and the carbon, fiber elements are added, at the side, there is a new side skirt and the hood gets two carbon air outlets with carbon surrounds for the side air outlet. 

For the finishing touch, the Novitec can also supply carbon fiber mirror caps, at the front the wheels measures 10x21 inches at the rear 12.5x22 inches. Novitec offers the sport springs calibrated to the production suspension for the suspension which lowers the ride height of the front-engine sports car by about 35 millimeters. Raising the front by 40 millimeters the front lift system does the opposite. At present Novitec plan to have performance enhancements on offer. High-performance exhaust system with 110-millimeters tailpipes finished in stainless steel is available and the Novitec is working on the package. When it comes to the interior appointments Novitec can cater to any taste.