Picking a tuning package for your Lamborghini Aventador must prove a bad experience these days. There is market saturation. Competing this week, and inspired by the launched Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, is Onyx Concept.

Onyx is popular for their Range Rover, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce conversions. Raheem Stirling, Jesse Lingard, and Ross Barkley all have one, you would be pardoned for thinking that Onyx Concepts were the cost for joining into the British football team. Recently, they are launching a body kit for the Ferrari F12. This week, they launched for the first time the Onyx Concepts Lamborghini Aventador SX.

At this time there is a lack of information. The image shows that the Onyx Concepts Lamborghini Aventador SX uses the Aventador S as its base. Onyx has created a unique new front bumper with larger air intakes and a carbon front splitter. Instead of the bonnet, you would get a single central air intake with two big air vents either side.

At the rear end, Onyx Concepts have integrated a new rear window implementing two side spoiler plates, a new fixed carbon-fiber rear wing is placed in front of the existing active rear wing. The rear bumper gets a whole makeover with too many carbon fibers.

Onyx Concepts are aimed at bodywork so we guess that they haven’t approached the mechanical detailing of the car. We are confident that this Aventador package will sell very well.

Not a fan? You have various options such as Novitec, Hamann, Mansory, Liberty Walk, and Vorsteiner. Which one would you go for?