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NOVITEC Group consists of the following divisions:

Novitec Rosso - Tuning for Ferrari
Novitec Torado – Tuning for Lamborghini
Novitec Tridente – Tuning for Maserati
Spofec - Tuning for Rolls Royce
Novitec Mclaren - Tuning for Mclaren

NOVITEC Rosso's goal is not to make any fundamental changes to one of the most aesthetic automobiles on the road today, but rather to create an exclusive and extensive range of exceptional options for the discerning individualist.

Quality awareness and determination, coupled with creativity and foresight, have forged NOVITEC into one of the most successful companies in the automotive tuning branch.
Novitec is offering Novitec aerodynamic components, Novitec wheels, Novitec exhaust systems, Novitec Lift kits, Novitec carbon interior and Novitec carbon exterior parts as well as wide range of other suspension components and accessories.

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