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General customer information

General customer information

Tuning Empire delivers a world class shopping experience to automotive tuning enthusiasts around the globe, offering the lowest prices on everything you need to feed your tuning needs. Once you start, you never go back to ‘stock’, as we say. It starts with a new gear knob and ends up with a fully personalised car, and even then, there is always room for more upgrades.We are offering:

  • World class website experience – we focus on every detail, from the technology to the information and we continually look for ways to make things better and easier for our customers.
  • Global reach – with our multi-territory/multilingual website, our experienced support team and our extensive delivery network, we are your LOCAL tuning shop.
  • Lowest prices – we sell the best kits at the lowest prices so you can get more out of your passion.
  • Everything you need – we carefully choose a comprehensive range of all the best available tuning parts. You can trust the quality of what you purchase.
  • Fast delivery – we work around the clock to dispatch your order quickly and then pass your goods to the best carriers in the world.
  • 100% Satisfaction - Guaranteed - We want happy customers. Happy customers tell their friends, the friends tell their friends and so on. That equals referral business and a long term relationship for both parties. If you ever encounter an issue where you are not happy with the product, the service or both, contact us so we can work it out. We are all customers ourselves and tune our cars and know how it is if service or product is not to our expectations. It is our goal and intent to assist every one of our customers to the best of our ability.

Note | Use of part
Many of the parts sold are for off-road or racing use only. As with any racing activity, there are risks in particular with performance modifications. All installations are at the customers own risk. Customer is responsible for having a road-worthy car at all times. Tuning Empire holds no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical or other failure when using aftermarket performance products. Some items listed maybe illegal in some countries and not suitable for public road use. Some items may only be used offroad or for racing vehicles which may only be used on race track or closed off roads. If you have questions about this topic contact us or your local authorities.
All products come with the warranty that is applied directly by the manufacturer. Tuning Empire does not offer any of our own warranties and are not responsible for product failures or failures due to installation. Certain products are intended for race use only as suggested by the manufacturer and should be installed and set up by professional service centres only. Any item that is altered or changed from its original state without the consent of the manufacturer will not be able to be returned or receive any warranty support. The warranty of a product is facilitated by Tuning Empire, however we can only enforce the manufactures decisions.

Performance upgrades
All stated performance figures are approximate values only. They depend on vehicle-specific details such as vehicle type, equipment level, curb weight, final drive ratio, tyre/wheel combinations, transmission version and aerodynamic enhancements. Figures about performance increases and/or performance kits are to be understood as average values. Test-dependent divergences of +/- 8% are possible. Figures about the overall performance of changed factory engines through performance increases and/or performance kits are based on the manufacturer’s data listed in the vehicle registration document, which can vary by +/- 5-8%.

Package pricing | Group buys
If you are interested in few items for your car at the same time or have a friend who would like to purchase parts for his car at the same time as you, get in touch with us for a special package price as often we can save that way on freight costs and can pass on the savings to you.

With over 2500 wheels in our portfolio (www.wheelsworldwide.eu) as well as well over 250,000+ tuning parts online we are trying our best to monitor the availability of all wheel designs, parts and items from our suppliers. However from time to time manufacturers as well as tuners decide to drop a wheel model or replace it with a new fresh design and it can take few days until we get notice of this change. Same applies to tuning parts which may run out of production, are discontinued or are replaced. In case you have placed an order and the unfortunate event occurs that the item is no longer available, we will inform you and offer you a similar design or refund you the amount paid.

Body kits | Carbon fiber parts
Our suppliers constantly offer highest possible accuracy of fit for carbon parts and body kits, which is confirmed by our large satisfied customer base. These parts however are in nearly all cases hand-made replicas or custom-formed parts pressed out of molds. From the pure technical perspective reaching 100% fitment accuracy is hardly possible. We therefore strongly recommend using a professional specialist shop (workshop or body paint shop) which is qualified to fit and install such parts. In some cases preparation work is essential to reach best fitment results.

You can navigate the website in English and German language

Feedback and comments
Please send us your comments, any kind of feedback, improvement suggestions as well as complaints if any, to info@tuningempire.eu

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions are available in English and German language.

For starters, please note that you can reach us via email or contact form 24/7 and via phone on the numbers on our website during respective business hours. We are however working on your enquiries and questions 24/7 as our consultants are located in Europe and Australia so we often beat the time zones to reply as soon as possible. Sometimes, it may take a bit longer to reply to enquiries, in particular with technical questions, as we may cross check information with the manufacturer’s technical departments to give you the most precise answers. In that case just bear with us for a little while, we will definitely get back to you.
On our website you will find few products with pricing yet majority without. It is more like an online catalgue of parts we carry. Parts which are for example custom-built, where various options can be chosen by the customer etc lead often to different pricing or simply the supplier prefers to have no prices listed, we then quote only via phone and email. Contact us if you have any questions about pricing.

There are few simple steps with which you can place an order on our website:
Select the language in which you would like to navigate the website. Note: Default language of this website is ENGLISH. Selected system words may stay in English, even though other language is chosen.

You can place orders on our website as Guest, submitting only the basic details we need to fulfil your order.

You have also the option to register and create an account at no costs or any obligation to purchase, which allows you to simply save multiple delivery addresses, track your order in the system and speed up the check out process for any future purchases. You can delete your account at any time if you feel like you do not need it anymore.


1. BY CATEGORY : Choose your product category (e.g. wheels, exhaust, body kit) and follow the next steps by choosing your car brand, followed by your car model. You will see then a selection of parts which fit your car model. There may be products available from different suppliers which have the same function and fit your car model as well. If your car is not listed or the products are not visible, contact us anyway as we may have them in our portfolio yet did not list them just yet on the website.

2. BY VEHICLE: Alternatively select your car brand first, then model and then the category. The selection is similar to version one (BY CATEGORY), yet you start with your VEHICLE first and then see the available parts for your car.

3. As a third option, you can select to shop BY BRAND, which will show you the manufacturers and all their products listed. You can then choose your desired product from there or use the Filter option on the right side to narrow down the product display according to your car brand and model.

4. Once you have selected the product of interest, you can read the detailed product description and if all okay, ADD TO SHOPPING CART.

5. At the intermediate check out page, you can review your order, see pricing details, tax and shipping costs, if any. You can delete the item chosen and you can update your cart at this stage or continue shopping. Also at this stage, the added item will show in the top right corner in your shopping cart area.

If you have an account with us and are logged in, this item will also show up now in your account overview.

Note: if you are a customer from one of the 28 European Union member states Sales Tax will be automatically calculated at Check-Out, unless otherwise agreed on. For all other countries, no sales tax applies.

Note: Shipments outside of European Union, may be subject to Customs Duties and Import Taxes. Please check with your local authorities if any import charges apply. Any additional charges or fees for customs clearance must be covered by you. Unfortunately we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. We are unable to reimburse any costs incurred regardless of the circumstances.

Once you are happy with your selections and all details are checked and okay, you can click on PROCEED TO CHECK-OUT.

6. We have designed a simple, ONE-PAGE CHECKOUT, which shows you again all details on one final page, before placing the order.

7. On this page please fill in your details, delivery address, add special instructions and select the payment method. If you forgot anything or made a mistake the system will remind you, follow then the systems prompts . Here you have again the chance to view our Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy.

You can also create an account for future use. Creating an account speeds up your check-out time next time you shop with us, as your basic personal and delivery details are stored. Further it gives you the opportunity to track and view your orders, print them to paper (not to PDF) and store multiple delivery addresses. You can delete your account at any time.

Once all is done you can click the BUY NOW button to finalise your purchase. Follow the system prompts to make payment according to your selected payment method. We will receive the order at our end and will be in touch with you via email regarding next steps.

If you have any questions with regards to pricing, procedures, payment terms or anything, get in touch anytime.

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