HRE wheels

  1. HRE Wheels

    HRE Wheels

    HRE is one of the worlds leading companies for custom forged wheels. 1-piece monoblock wheels as well as 3-piece forged wheels are part of their vast portoflio.   New Flow-formed wheels round off their offering for customers who want a top quality wheel at lower costs compared to forged wheels.       HRE is your top choice for your...
  2. HRE Wheels for Mercedes GL-Class

    HRE Wheels for Mercedes GL-Class

    Great wheel selection by our customer.   HRE wheels SUV Forged Monoblock: HRE TR109 gloss black finish   The wheels are in line with the fenders. Body modifications to the car are not necessary. HRE wheels are compatible with Mercedes Benz tire pressure sensors and wheel bolts. Wheels come come with a lifetime warranty on structure and a 2 year...

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