1. Novitec Maserati Levante

    Novitec Maserati Levante

    Recently Novitec from Germany introduced Maserati Levante, first SUV. It is well upgraded with 494 hp (363KW), Novitec Maserati Levante carbon aerodynamic parts with Novitec Maserati Levante 22-inches king sized wheels. This upgrade is for due to the top ranged twin-turbo V6 model as well the diesel range. Significant lift of performance of this Levante top model is courtesied of the...
  2. Startech Maserati Levante

    Startech Maserati Levante

    The first tuned Maserati Levante was unveiled by STARTECH. This year, the tuning is proved to make this Maserati SUV popular amongst the people. All these tunes have been offered by the Brabus subsidiary, Startech. The approach given by the Startech in terms of tuning has really given a new and refined output from the car. This is also the...
  3. Novitec Maserati Levante

    Novitec Maserati Levante

    Novitec have recently released their tuning program for the Maserati Levante. The highlights of the Novitec Maserati Levante include an upgraded output of 494 hp (363 kW), carbon aerodynamic parts and 22-inch king-sized wheels. This is the first time Novitec customizes an SUV. The upgrade package is available for both the twin-turbo V6 model as well as the diesel range...

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