1. Novitec works their Magic on the Tesla Model 3

    Novitec works their Magic on the Tesla Model 3

    Now there is a transformation in the automotive sector with the arrival of e-vehicle or electric vehicle. Tesla is leading the revolution with its wide array of cars and SUVs. It is the electric alternative to German mid-size sedans including the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Audi A4, and BMW 3-Series. With the enhancement program, full aerodynamic and chassis, Novitec is building the...
  2. Novitec Tesla Model X

    Novitec Tesla Model X

    A New model by Novitec is been introduced named Novitec Tesla Model X. Customization program has several aerodynamic enhancements which include a set of hi-tech forged Novitec Tesla Model X wheels and a carbon-ceramic braking system. Most attractive add on here is the Novitec Tesla Model X front which is the Novitec contrasting carbon fiber spoiler lip. Also, the distinctive Novitec...

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