Wald International is one of the firms that can take on a Suzuki Jimny and give it the look similar to the G-Class. But what would happen when they would able to get access to the real G-Class?

The Japanese tuning company is popular for its "Black Bison" body kits that have launched a new one for the G63 and all the G-Class models that came post-2018. This is the W464 generation, not to be muddled with the previous one.

Generally, the case with Japanese tuning, the project appears to be a fusion of styles. For example, the new fenders are bulky and have been tucked straight into the body, similar to a Pandem/Rocket Bunny kit.

These contests with the other packages try to give the sportier look to the G-Class. The new front bumper is particularly muscular, borrowing design elements from the AMG bumper design Mercedes implemented on the E 63 and S 63.

Those rounded intakes are unmatched with the rest of the G-Class body, which is too restricted. But, Wald bumper looks to have an F1-style duct in the mid.

Other parts are very hard to highlight, particularly there's no press release or there are not many photos revealed currently. But we expect to be working with a triple exhaust tip, an excessive hood scoop or vents, according to your requirements, fresh wheels, accessory lights, and lots more. Due to some reasons, the 2.5-ton SUVs also need a large rear diffuser to lower the lift somehow.

Two cars were just launched at the 2020 Osaka Auto Messe. The white SUV is the G 350 d that has a new inline-6 diesel engine to generate 286 horsepower. And, the satin black debut is a G 63, the AMG connecting a 585 horsepower 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8.