All exterior parts are manufactured with carbon fiber.

Lumma Design is popular for its big-budget projects based on recently released costly sport utility vehicles. The studio is no new to the modern Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and currently it is launching an enhanced version of its CLR G770 package.

The experts are integrating various new parts to the existing appealing widebody kit, beginning with a classic rear roof spoiler and a spare wheel cover, as well as an enhanced hood with a new design. All these parts are manufactured of carbon fiber and have a lacquered naked carbon finish.

The G also features a bar placed on the top of the windshield with four LED lights and new mirror caps and door handles with a black carbon fiber look. As standard, the tuned G-Class placed on 22-inch forged wheels covered in 325/35 tires, but Lumma Design suggests the bigger 23-inch forged wheels with 305/35 tires. Both uses “performance spacers” created by the company.

Similar to Lumma’s earlier G63s, the CLR G770 is equipped with six side exhaust pipes with either a chrome or black finish. In the cabin interior, you’ll notice new sporty pedals from carbon fiber with non-slip rubber knobs.

Lumma Design doesn’t disclose any information on costing but says all parts can be used on standard vehicles or in conjunction with the CLR G770 widebody kit. No information is available on any performance enhancements.

The company's new projects comprise of the outrageous BMW X7 and Audi Q8, and the smooth but dynamic Land Rover Range Rover Velar.


Press Release

In addition to its spectacular wide-body kit LUMMA CLR G770, LUMMA Design presents a comprehensive range of refinement parts for the current Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

From the sports exhaust system, through forged wheels, to body components made of high-strength and ultra-light carbon fiber, the tuning specialist has expanded its range for the popular off-roader.

LUMMA parts program for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class consisting of:

LUMMA rear roof spoiler in visible carbon

LUMMA spare wheel cover in visible carbon

LUMMA sportlook bonnet in full carbon

LUMMA roof cover in visible carbon with 4 LED headlights

LUMMA mirror caps in visible carbon

LUMMA door handles in visible carbon

LUMMA front logo high gloss black with crest logo in anthracite or red

LUMMA forged wheel F-utu-R 23 "

Full forged wheel in black with sporty central cap or high gloss polished with visible chrome wheel bolts.

11x23 "/ 12x23" with 305 / 35-23 " in conjunction with LUMMA Performance spacers alternatively

LUMMA forged wheel F-utu-R 22 " Full forged wheel in black with sporty central cap or high gloss polished with visible chrome wheel bolts.

12x22 "with 325 / 35-22" in conjunction with LUMMA Performance spacers

LUMMA sports rear silencer

6-tube with flap and tailpipes in chrome or black



LUMMA pedal pads full carbon with non-slip rubber knobs


All components can be used on standard vehicles or in conjunction with the LUMMA CLR G770 wide body kit.

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